Photo Gallery  

These pictures of people and nature were all taken at the river house

   View of house from boat ramp pier                                  View of pier from porch                                      View of house from street

                   Carolee and Taylor                                              Hummingbirds                                                        Hot tub antics

          Headed to the 4th of July boat parade                         Aligator in the pondr                                                       more Hummingbirds           

                 Jessica                                                                    Little Blue Heron                                                         Pelican

                  Rosiette Spoonbill                                                    Owl                                                                            Ospri with fish

                 Night Herons                                                          Our snake, Homer                                                  Hummers

                     Charlie                                                                  Anahinga                                                              Porch sittig with family

                Pelican cormorant face off                                          Turtle family in the pond                                        Three cormorants

                Three pelicans                                                     Two black crowned night herons                                  Two seagulls

                          Great Blue heron                            Richard, Lisa, Gary, Juli, Mary, Jacque & me              Jacque, Corrine, Sharon, Memaw

              Poppee, Pat and Gene                                        White face ibis feeding in the river                                  Poppee & Memaw

The Following Pictures Were Taken During Our Travels

         Ann, Jacque & Corrine in the valley                            Trip to Tampico with friends         Riding somewhere near Bandera with Keven & Mariann

                      Mike in the Valley                                          Me and Garyin Belize                    Me, Mariann & Kevin somewhere near Leakey

   Paul, Sharon, Jacque &me in Napa Valley, CA                  Christa & Jake in Austin                                       Jacque on the boat in Belize

Richard, Lisa, Juli, Mary, Jacque, John, Gary & me in Belize  || Jacue & me in Nappa Valley ||  Jacque & me at Alcatraz in San Francisco


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