How Did You Vote in November of 2016?
Tally as of September 2018

Under investigation for 24 months

38 Indictments
34 people & 3 companies pleaded guilty

Under investigation for 38 months

0 Indictments
0 Convictions

The Trump Administration, barely 2 years old, is already the most corrupt administration this country has ever had.

Are you happy with the choice you made?

1) George Papadopoulos
2) Paul Manifort
3) Rick Gates
4) Michael Flynn
5-20) Thirteen Russian Nationals
21) Richard Pinedo
22) Alex Van der Zwaan
23) KonstantinKilimnik
24-35) Twelve Russian GRU officers
36) Michael Cohen
37) Roger Stone
38) Samuel Patten

Stay tuned, this list will most certainly grow until it includes cadet bone spurs himself.

Soooo many people said to me: "Both candidates are bad, so I'm not voting for either." or they said: "I don't like either one, but Trump can't be as bad as Clinton."

How could Americans have been so ignorant?
How could they have not seen this coming?

More criminal indictments than any admistration in history.