The seven people pictured here are biological males.
They all have birth certificates identifying them as "male"

This web page was created in order to increase public awareness of the trans gender issue. In no way, is it intended to embarrass, inflame or insult anybody.

The person pictured here is Caitlyn Jenner. Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is an American television personality and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete.



Yes, these are actually 'men' according to their birth certificates. Some Texas politicians are rational about this issue, but if Dan Patrick gets his way, the people pictured here will all be required to use the men's restroom facilities.

Are these people we want to see going into the men's restroom?


These people are biological female (they all have female genitalia).

This is Chaz Bono, the daughter of Sonny and Cher. From a young age, Chaz identified as a male and has been living his life as a male for years. Chaz is a biological female and as required by pending legislation, would be forced to enter a women's public restroom if he felt the urge to relieve himself in the state of Texas. Yes, his birth certificate identifies him as female.




And these 'guys' below are all biological females.



Their birth certificates say "female", and they still have the female genitalia they were born with. Since their transformations, these people have been using the men's restroom without notice, but now, Dan Patrick is pushing for a law that would require them to use the lady's room. Would any woman, young or old, be comfortable with these people in the lady's with them? Or would any man want to see them go into the lady's room behind their wife or daughter?

Trans gender males can even bare children, as shown here.


Texans are smart enough to figure this out. We need to quit listening to the conservative politicians who are distorting this issue and trying to make it into something frightening. They are only doing this for their own political gain. Trans genders are people too. They only want to get along and live peacefully in our community, and when they need to relieve themselves in a public restroom, they only want to do so with humility and dignity.

Dan Patrick may not believe these people deserve our respect, but I believe most Texans do.